New Layer

Your ticket to the world of augmented reality

A parallel world invisible to the eye appeared on Earth. It is created by new technologies and allows you to implement any idea using mobile devices.

New Layer opens this world for everyone.

What you can do in the app

Place 3D objects in the real world
Take creative photos and videos
Use AR technology for work and study
Change the space around you and make any fantasy come true

From the developers

We have created an app that opens
up the world of the future, which
means that we are the future ourselves.


Very soon, AR technologies will appear in all life spheres: from entertainment and travel to education and art. With New Layer, you can not only interact with a new space, but also create it together with us and become its first resident!

Take your place in New Layer first!

Join our team and develop AR world with us


Find out how to contact us if you are from the mass media

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