Join the NEW Layer team

Improve the product with us and receive bonuses

We are looking for enthusiasts to help us improve and manage the product to make it a market leader.

The New Layer team needs:

⇽ Get Back

1. RevieweR

Leave feedback about your experience with the New Layer on the Forum and get a month of Premium subscription for free.


The review must be detailed and truthful, showing your experience and problems when interacting with the application.
It may contain photo and video screenshots of problems.
After checking the review by moderators, your account will be connected to the Premium subscription for a month.


2. 3D designer

Join us for commercial cooperation if you are a 3D objects or spaces designer.

Send us your portfolio using the button below.
Let's develop AR space together!

Write us

3. moderator

Moderate uploaded 3D models and get some months of Premium subscription.

Write to us and become a part of the moderation team today.


4. tester

Use New Layer app and find bugs.
Send us the bug description and photo/video screenshots.

For a 1 bug found, get a month of Premium subscription for free.


5. 3d object manager

Upload 100 3D models and get a month of premium subscription for free.

Requirements for models:

Weight up to 70 MB,
USDZ format,
Animation possible,
Objects with sounds are not available.


6. ambassadore

Become our Ambassador!
Create interesting content with the New Layer and share it on social media and get a month of Premium subscription.

Submit 10 posts/stories on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) mentioning the New Layer.

Send us links and the phone number the account is registered under and we will credit it with the Premium subscription for free.


7. Crowdfunders

Take part in development of the New Layer version for Android.

Join our Patreon fundraiser.


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